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Did you know that your brand’s presence is your path to more profit? Headquartered in Northern New Jersey, The K District is a boutique branding concierge that prioritizes your company’s revenue projections, mission, and audience.

The K District captures your core goals through brand-specific audits, in-depth industry research, and current to future branding. We aim to create designs that emotionally connect with prospective consumers, are pleasing to the eye, and communicate your brand’s unique selling points.

Mission Statement 

The K District is intentional in upscaling your company’s brand to win corporate contracts, build partnerships, and create brand identity. 

So, how does the process work? We bridge your vision with our custom framework to strengthen the visual branding of your company. The K District provides white-glove service to expand your company’s real-estate across social, digital, and print mediums. 

From physical brochures and banners to e-commerce and website design, the K District develops concise branding collateral that distinguishes you from competitors and speaks your customers’ love and money languages.

The K District’s Connection to Your Goals 

Imagine waking up to your company as a household brand that people deem to be essential in every way. You are a cutting-edge, staple, trailblazer in your industry, and customers readily recognize your value.

Between running your business, meeting quotas, and benchmarking your key performance indicators (KPIs), it’s easy to forget about your vision! 

So, the K District uses creative measures to increase your social capital—connections, scale your profit, and organize your mood board to reflect your company’s dream aesthetics.

Meet the Creative Director

Katanni Bramhan-Grey

Katanni Bramhan-Grey is a branding, special effects, and graphic design maven who helps people find their superpowers and soar in business. Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Katanni realized that her superpowers were unleashing other people’s innate talents and teaching them how to employ their transferable skills via entrepreneurship. Ms. Bramhan’s lightbulb for commerce was sparked when she was 9 years old; she hand-crafted bracelets and even created a catalog — young Katanni was learning, applying her knowledge, and getting paid in the same place! While trailblazing her career path, she discovered that her business acumen was best employed in her passion, the digital arts.

After obtaining a BFA in Visual Communications / Advertising from Kean University, Katanni launched The K District in 2007, a full-service branding and creative design studio that has helped to scale both corporate and small business’ growth through custom, competitive visuals. Mrs. Grey’s prowess to merge creativity with brand communications enabled her to secure contracts with Fortune 500 companies like Aeropostale and high-end international brands such as Gucci. Katanni has since narrowed her niche to service the arts, entertainment, media, and events industries, respectively. Community driven and education focused, Katanni has created an online classroom for large enterprises and small businesses to learn the dynamics of branding. She is intentional about developing a unique framework for her clients and endeavors to give them strategies that strengthen their aesthetics.
Katanni has solidified her impact in the digital arts sector by creating info-products, business courses, ebooks, Facebook business groups, and entrepreneurship-based summits. She quickly acted during the onset of the pandemic by launching the Create 2 Elevate Virtual Summit, along with other movers and shakers in the branding industry.  Katanni also relaunched Power Brands and Messy Hands: Find Your Brand Superpower!, which houses a series of online courses that teach people how to laser-focus on their unique selling proposition.

When Katanni isn’t designing at The K District, she is doing SFX makeup and body  art for filmmakers on set at her second company, KBG Artistry. Aside from that, she enjoys Comic-Cons, cooking, tennis, and doing nerd things with her actor and Martial Artist husband, Kendrick.

Meet Our Team

Hugo Salazar, Jr.

Hugo Salazar, Jr.

Branded Content Director

Hugo brings his expertise in content creation to our clients through his company, Salazar Productions, having created in the areas of commercials, film, documentary, casting & live events. Previous work includes commercial creation for The K District (Owned by Katanni Bramhan), casting for, “The Elevator”, starring Eric Roberts, Production/Casting for, “Dweck”, with Tom Leopold (Seinfeld, Cheers), & Content Creation at New York Fashion Week for Mexican Designer, Ricardo Seco, and Production/Casting for, “La Santera”, currently on it’s 14th Film Festival Acceptance, and 10th Award.

FUN FACT! Hugo has appeared as an Actor, Host, & Stuntman in Television, Film, Commercial, & Live Events for Netflix Latin-America, Telemundo, NBC, ESPN, Dodge, The Investigation Discovery Network, Verizon, The Travel Channel, and several Bollywood Films.

Kianna Williams

Kianna Williams

Client Acquisitions Manager

Kianna brings her extensive experience in sales to help curate new leads and foster new relationships for our company.

She is the founder and CEO of theamazingblackwoman.com, where she provides Life insurance, exclusive Amazon coupon codes, and a blog and vlog featuring politics, editorials, music, arts, and culture. Before that, she owned and ran a successful daycare center. In both of these companies, she has increased sales year after year, by 40-50%.

FUN FACT! Kianna is an accomplished musician and music producer, having composed music for The K District as well as our clients. She is formally trained in the violin and has been studying it since childhood.


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