Do you know exactly what you need? Our shop is great for those who are in need of small projects to enhance their brand. These are also ideal services for brands on a budget, as well as those who only require printing services. 

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The K District provides the following services to enhance your brand’s perception, visual elements, and help your business grow:

Brand Strategies that analyze your current performance and creates a blueprint that eliminates many future bottlenecks.

Brand Identity Design that distinguishes you from competitors and laser-focus your unique selling propositions.

Graphic Design including your branding materials — logos, banners, social media templates, etc.

Web Design, the complete interface of your online store or web page. It prioritizes the user experience and solidifies your call-to-action.

Copywriting,  written content messaging that is needed to communicate your brand’s voice and sell your products or services.

Public Relations allows you to get placements in several media outlets.

Event Branding / Planning, the complete draft, design, coordination, and execution for your event.

Social Media Branding includes custom graphics, templates, and collateral, which can apply to all social media channels

Brand Video Content / Commercial Production, the closest person-to-person interaction that your company has with customers (aside from in person, of course), which amplifies your brand’s stake. 

Music Composition / Production helps to solidify your company’s audible value and recognition.

Motion Graphics / Animation,  motion graphics that upgrades your company’s still images.

Branded Apparel / Mockups help you to present a product or service before it is fully released, such as the presale of an ebook, t-shirt, website, or other elements.